Drones offer a new point of perspective for architects and a holistic representation of the built and unbuilt environment. Also, marketing departments can use drone footage to both create renders of what the facility is going to look like in real life and to develop promotional materials. Likewise, cutting edge technologies such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality use 3D world representations created with drone collected data.


Drones collect visual and geographic data from a project site that is then used to analyze and compare with existing BIM. Also, they are useful for monitoring ongoing operations for productivity and safety, and to characterize the as-is conditions of current civil infrastructure systems. Some typical applications in this area are roof inspections, bridge inspections, assessments for properties insurance, building envelop inspections, utility inspections, environmental analysis, and flooding simulations.


Drone flights allow for frequent updates to be transferred to the architects and construction managers digitally. They can keep monitoring logistics and be used in asset management. Drone collected data may also provide an audit trail should any legal concerns arise at any point in the life of the infrastructure asset. 2D and 3D drone-collected data can be easily integrated into any BIM system for analysis and documentation, volumetric estimations, and other measurements.

Governments and multilateral organizations

Drones can cover expansive areas, collecting data from regions that need an aerial survey for multiple reasons such as checking compliance with city and state ordinances, monitoring trees, and planning resilience efforts. Drone data can be used in creating high-resolution maps and 3D models and if needed a certification can be provided by our licensed survey company partner. Drones also help to monitor development projects that are happening in remote areas and which are hard to access by the financing organization.

About Us

Digital E Consulting is committed to enabling our customers to get the most out of the latest technologies in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (drones) by conducting safe, legally compliant, and efficient operations to capture, analyze, and visualize data. The company was born from a need within the engineering industry for professionals that could provide Unmanned Aerial System services or who could help them grow their own in-house program.

The company is led by its founder, Alexander Nunez, who started out in the engineering industry. He created the company after observing the need for professional Unmanned Aircraft Systems services for the engineering industry. The company is headquartered in Miami, FL, and from here, we serve the US, the Caribbean, and South America. All of the company’s operations are fully insured.

Our goal is to provide our clients with high-quality aerial data of their assets to their computers so they can focus on the analysis and on making decisions.

Our typical clients are

Drone services operators that want to add value to the data they collect, help managing the data, or that require visualization tools

Architects that want to see views at different elevations during the design phase, or imagery for renders, planning, and marketing

Construction companies that want to monitor the progress of a site and integrate the data with their CAD and BIM systems

Survey companies that want to reap the benefits of drone technology and want an experienced partner who understands the fields

Engineering companies that are looking to obtain data from high altitude but don not want to put their staff in dangerous situations

Governmental organizations that require geospatial information of large areas for risk analysis or environmental assessment

One task or the entire process

We adapt to your specific needs

Flight and data processing services

Flight planning, including airspace analysis and dealing with FAA authorizations, risk management, data capturing, analysis, and visualization, including photogrammetry projects, and visual inspections of infrastructures. Among the available deliverables are inspections reports, 360 bubbles, orthophotos, image and video catalogs, CAD/GIS files.

Consulting Services

Strategic design to integrate drones into your company’s operations, staff training, implementation of an aviation safety management system, customized safety guidelines for drone operations, best practices, data architecture standards, software development, hardware and software selection as well as integration with existing GIS/BIM systems.